All About Amelia

Hi, I’m Amelia Johnson! While I don’t really like titles, I guess you can say I am the “founding” member of our little group.

I grew up in a small town in New Hampshire. I lived there my whole childhood, and even ended up going to college at Keene State. I love New Hampshire and it will always be home. But after graduating college, my job search took me to Pennsylvania, where I’ve been ever since! New Hampshire may always be home, but I have to say, I love my life here in PA. It’s here that I met my husband, Eric, and we started our family. We have three kids (MaryAnne, Tabor, and Conner) and our dog Chocolate (he’s a chocolate lab, hehe!) We’ve lived in two houses as a family, and it’s this second one that will be our forever home...and it’s this house and neighborhood which has allowed me to meet my best girl friends: Erin and Sarah! We all live in the same neighborhood and became fast friends. All of our kids play and go to school together and it’s just perfect, really.

I came up with the idea of getting a little afterschool learning group together when we were all at the bus stop one day. It was a beautiful fall day and the kids were getting all excited for Halloween and were talking about learning about the history and folklore around the holiday. (Holidays are always a hit in our household!) ...I got a little sad that I couldn’t be there to experience these moments with my kids, as did Erin and Sarah. We got talking and realized we wanted to take a more active role in our kid’s lives and education, so that’s just what we did! It’s been so much fun and such a bonding experience between all of us. (Even the Dad’s look forward to these nights!)

We’re so happy we started this group and hope our little resource on the web can help other families. If there’s anything you could like to contribute or feel like we could benefit from, please don’t hesitate to contact us!