WiseBook Buddies is composed of 3 Mothers (Amelia, Sarah and Erin) and their children!

All three of us are not only neighbors, but we are friends as well. We have come together to take a more active role in our children’s educations and lives. All three of us work, take care of a household and raise our children. We’re basically superwomen, so we figured we could throw education into the mix too, hehe.

We came together one day after dropping our kids off at the bus stop; we were all a little sad that we couldn’t be at school with our children while they were growing up and learning new things. Being able to sit down and help our kids discover the joys of learning something new are moments we didn’t want to miss! After talking over our options, we decided to start our little ‘home school learning club’ as we like to call it!

While we don’t strictly home school our children, we did want to get more involved in the learning process. We try and meet 3 times a week – now, this can be difficult with life being non-stop busy all of the time, but we think it’s so important to be consistent and have a routine for kids. (And we won’t lie; our kids LOVE getting together! It’s a treat for them as much as it is for us!)

Whether we’re helping our kids learn common core (not our favorite) or getting them excited about holidays (our Halloween party is pretty SPOOKtacular!) we’re having fun and getting to spend some extra time with our family. What more could you want?

If you want to read more about us, or get in touch, check out our bio pages!

And feel free to enjoy all of the learning resources we’ve compiled! If you have any suggestions for us, we’d love to hear them!

Amelia, Sarah and Erin