All About Erin

Hello world! I’m Erin Kimball! I make up one third of WiseBook Buddies! (I actually came up with the name myself. Well, my kids did. They’re both obsessed with this book on owls that their grandfather gave them. He calls them both ‘wise owls’ there’s a little bit of background on the name of our group! :)

My daughter’s names are Corrine and Michelle. They’re two years apart in age, but they are both two peas in a pod. (And as their Grandfather says, they are ‘wise owls’….too wise for their age sometimes haha!)

My daughters, husband Tom and myself all moved to the same neighborhood that Amelia and Sarah live in a few years ago. Our girls met Amelia and Sarah’s kids at school and became fast friends and bus buddies...Then Sarah, Amelia and myself became best buddies as well! I would be lost without these ladies and I love them so much. We’ve made such a tight group of friends over the years. Our families are basically one big family. (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done laundry and found some other kids’ clothing in the mix haha!)

Amelia approached Sarah and I with this brilliant idea and we just ran with it. We haven’t looked back since and have enjoyed every single moment. (I’m not sure who gets more enjoyment out of it – our kids or us haha!) It’s a time for all of us to not only learn, but spend time together as family and friends and bond. Tom loves these meetings just as much as the kids. Our first Christmas party he dressed up as Santa and the kids lost their minds. They were so excited and had never seen their Dad do something so silly and fun before. This group has honestly brought the kid out in all of us – It’s been wonderful.

As an administrative assistant by day, I’m in charge of putting together the schedule and lesson plans for our group. If there’s any questions you have about lesson plans or ideas, I’m happy to chat! Feel free to contact me at: